Monday, 7 October 2013

A new, old quilt.....

Weaving for my college course seems to have taken over so much
of my spare time this last year that I don't really have
 any new stitching to post here but......
 finally a picture of the Blackbird wall hanging completed!

......I did say, many moons ago, that I would show you the completed article!! :0)

The new, old quilt of my title is a small piece I made for my nephew when he was born
which is now more than 4 years ago!!!
At the time I completely forgot to take any images 
and I have only just put that to rights this last month.

...his parents did not want anything conventionally babyish
so I chose a much stronger image for his later years!

 Each part of the image has a meaning associated with it...

...and I used my fabric paints to add highlights as well as couching
 and the quilting stitches themselves.

Once again I fell for using a celtic style braiding pattern on the border,

...and used a plain backing of a soft lemon colour.
A little different to say the least but I remember enjoying creating this little
lap quilt so much.

Best wishes,  Ash.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Hello, still here!

Its been such a long time since I have posted purely on quilting,
if weaving gives me a chance I would love to pick up the needle again!

Just thought I would update with the makes I have made through the last year,
maybe it will nudge me into stitching once again!  :0)

This one I called 'The Divide'...a very personal wall hanging.

This is quite a small piece called 'The Balance',
I loved the hand printed border bought at a show and it matched perfectly the wool I used to
crochet the motif.

This has been one of my most intricate quilted wall hangings
 where I ventured into embroidery too ...can't find a full picture right now...hmmm
in here somewhere will let you know.
Anyway it shows a blackbird sat on a bough of apple blossom
sat in front of a stylised landscape surropunded by a stitched celtic patterned border.

I shall have to go around to the gallery and get a full picture...

Best wishes,  Ash.