Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Hedgerow

The Hedgerow

Along lanes of old we linked our arms

Flowing like streams across the land.

In our hearts we found joy

And smiles would abound,

We would dance through the seasons

Hand in hand.

We gave shelter and bore fruits,

Our roots ran deep in the ground.

Our flowers laid trails for the bees,

We gave sound through the birds

And the rustle of leaves,

And whispered our thoughts

To lay them into your hands.

Would that you cared and sang of this treasure,

Would that you learned to hold on.

Take heed while you can,

Step gently, hold softly

Take our wish to your hearts –

That we will continue to gaze on this land

And hold hands with your children

For futures untold.

Keeping faith with our nature,

To understand.

( ash - 2005 )

A small quilt that I stitched in response to the verse. The centre was a simple patchwork of squares in soft hues, I love the simple grid pattern where you have to try and make sure the points all match!!

The border was a hand drawn design that depicted the plants that are often found in our hedgerows - hawthorn, blackberry, ivy, honeysuckle and in one corner I stitched a little bee. Such an important little insect in the survival of our world!