Monday, 18 June 2012

Danu - a wallhanging

I'm almost caught up in showing you the quilts I have done in the past!
This one I made around 3 years ago, I was beginning to find my style by then, one that echoes the Celtic designs deep within the history of this part of the world.

This particular design is named Danu - the mythical mother goddess of the Tuatha De Danaan of Ireland.  She is associated with water among other things and hence with rivers - the Danube and the Don for example.
The image suggests at a feminine figure, associated with the natural world through the leaves I painted that act like a cloak and hinting at the association with water by the raindrop like beading that I stitched on. the head, arms and cloak swishing behind

...the painted leaves that flow down around the figure swirling in the river eddies,

The red materials are all hand appliqued using the needle turn method 
and the clear beads stitched around to sparkle like water droplets.

Hope you like the image and the Celtic twist that is developing in my quilts!!

Ash.   :o)


  1. It's very pretty, Ash! I love the clear beads for sparkling rain drops. :)