Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wensleydale Rose

This smaller quilt I really enjoyed making. I'd seen in a magazine a wreath style quilt and wanted to have a go at my own - I used applique and enhanced the flower motif by adding an extra crocheted layer using some of my hand spun wensleydale yarn, hence the name!
I didn't want to use a five petalled 'rose',that would have been more natural but that motif is already 'taken' in the symbol of the white rose of Yorkshire - its close enough though to the dog rose that grows wild in the hedgerows around here.

In the centre of the wreath I quilted a repeat of the rose design and then went for a traditional quilting filler design.

A little closer on the applique,
I love using cream and liked the muted tones to go with it.... closer in on my 'dog rose' flower.

....and the border where I quilted the rose repeat again before venturing into the large scalloped edge, very fiddly that bit!!

I'd used a very soft organic cream cotton for the front and back and with the colouring of the applique it gave a lovely antique feeling to the whole quilt.

I think I'd like to try 'mark II' of this quilt just to see how my style has changed over the years and to see what comes out of the idea this time!


  1. It's gorgeous, Ash. So beautiful. You really have a gift with your quilting talent.

  2. Hello, Ash! Indeed very elegant and beautiful quilt! Hand quilting makes it so noble...